Ronald Lenz

Ronald Lenz


Ronald  is an urban innovation expert & entrepreneur with a focus on mobile.

For more than 10 years, working on smart city challenges, with a special focus on innovation in cultural heritage, tourism, hospitality, education, mobility and open data. Passionate about how wireless, mobile and networked technologies can contribute to the livability and resilience of cities and help to adapt to our changing needs in energy, mobility, living, working, education and governance. Advocate for open systems, open design and citizen & community co-creation. A regular speaker at international conferences on creative technologies for social innovation and urban development.

- Alumnus of, Amsterdam School of Creative Leadership (MBA);
- Team lead THNK consortium proposal for the Amsterdam Metropolitan Solutions Institute.
- Founder and CEO of – mobile platform for location-based services;
- Founder Urban Reality Lab at Waag Society, institute for art, science and technology (;
- Initiator – events and workshops on mobile media – together with PICNIC;
- Initiator – mobile design competitions for universities – together with PICNIC;
- Initiator – publishing museum collections to city locations;
- Initiator – transforming education through mobile gaming;
- Initiator – mobile services for hotels, resorts, holiday parks and cruise liners;
- Co-founder – creative think tank for urban challenges.

Expertise: business & strategy development, program management, product development, technology design, team management.