ZIT – The Technology Agency of the City of Vienna (Austria)

Community Engagement Project in Viennese Media Quarter Neu Marx (2012) Design of vacant square in newly developed business park during winter time. Idea: Create a social hub for afternoon mingling and after work gathering of business park employees. An unconventional booth for hot wine and cookies was created to foster networking and bring pleasure to the hard-working crowd. A lamp tree acted as a landmark and meeting point.

Neu Marx Location Marketing (Vienna, Austria)

Urban Experience Project in Viennese Media Quarter Neu Marx (2012) Stimulate the discussion among the employees in Neu Marx, invite them to connect on- and offline and tour and discover the space between the beautiful historic brick buildings and new constructions. 3 industry clusters located in Neu Marx (media, research and technology) whose members speak contemporary languages that consist of trends, key data, formulas and technical terminology did not interact with each other. Idea: Decoding the language into 17 art installations that were placed throughout the space invited the residents to start a conversation.


Bridge Menton Design with Advertiser

City of Menton (France)

Approve The Appearance Of A Highway Bridge (Menton, France) Beautify an ugly highway bridge that runs through a highly frequented residential zone along the Côte d’Azur and is spotted by hundred-thousands of tourists each year. Idea: Wrap the 18 pillars of the bridge with an impressionist art design of the cultural and visual highlights of the city Menton, improve the well-being factor of the citizens who live underneath and in the surrounding of the bridge and creating a landmark to improve identification and civic pride.

Center for Urban Tech Acceleration (Netherlands)

Within a large consortium led by THNK, the Amsterdam School for Creative Leadership, we developed an urban planning strategy for the Overhoeks area in Amsterdam North. This was part of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Solutions Institute tender for the municipality of Amsterdam. The strategy combined ecological renewal, a self-built housing community and pop-up events connecting the community as ‘programming committee’ for the area together with the local creative industries.

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MuseumApp NL (Netherlands)

MuseumApp™ is a mobile service to inspire, connect and guide museum visitors on their smartphones and tablets. MuseumApp™ allows people to prepare their visit, explore arts & culture inside and outside the museum and share their experiences. Launch your fully branded MuseumApp™ apps. Publish your collection to smartphones and tablets and create interactive multimedia tours inside the exhibition spaces and outside at city locations.

Mobile Learning Academy

The Mobile Learning Academy is an initiative to support new forms of learning for the 21st century. Based on many years of research on mobile learning and our state-of-the-art technology platform it strives to help educators and students to implement mobile learning so students can learn anywhere, anytime with their smartphones.



The Island

The Island was a game-based adventure in which the players had to fulfill assignments together to get to the next level. By using mobile technology they participated in a trading game – online and on the streets, by finding the best deals for their goods. The game visualized the historical links between The Netherlands and the United States for pupils of secondary education, and mad eit possible to re-live the past. In innovative ways history, culture education and cultural exchange were brought together.