Your Street Challenge

Your Street Challenge

Own – love – improve your street

The Your Street Challenge is about seeing the possibilities and potential of urban spaces and being in touch with the needs of the community, thinking creatively to make urban spaces smarter, safer, healthier and sustainable for everyone who uses it.

With successful projects already on the streets of Cape Town, Johannesburg and Eindhoven in the Netherlands, Your Street is looking to accelerate this phenomenon by investing in streets around the world. It could be a system that makes recycling easier, or a cost-effective way of installing LEDs to make a park safer at night. What about a structure made from reclaimed materials that provide seating in a busy urban centre? The possibilities are as numerous as there are streets in the world.

The winner 2013 is the project ‘Soundwaves for Change by One Love Studio’: An initiative that aims to spread socially conscious messages via the medium of music, providing HIV education, life skills and mentorship to youth.

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