Vélib Bikes

Vélib Bikes

Bicycle sharing in Paris

A self-service bike system available 24 hours a day, all year round.

Vélib’ is a large-scale public bicycle sharing system in Paris, France. Launched on 15 July 2007, the system encompasses around 14,000 bicycles and 1,230 bicycle stations, located across Paris and in some surrounding municipalities, with an average daily ridership of 85,811 in 2011. The name Vélib’ is a portmanteau of the French words vélo (English: “bicycle”) and liberté (“freedom”).

Vélib’ is operated as a concession by the French advertising corporation JCDecaux. As of 2013, Vélib’ is the world’s third-largest bikesharing program by the number of bicycles in circulation, after the systems in the Chinese cities of Wuhan and Hangzhou. As of July 2013, Velib’ has the highest market penetration with 1 bike per 97 inhabitants, followed by Vélo’v in Lyon with 1 bike per 121 residents, and Hangzou in China with 1 per 145. Since December 2011, Vélib’ has been complemented by Autolib’, an electric car sharing scheme operating on similar principles.

For more see: http://en.velib.paris.fr/