The Great Schlep

The Great Schlep

In the Summer of 2008, advertising agency Droga5 from New York began thinking of ways to help Obama win the presidency. But the effort was momentarily halted because federal campaign finance laws at the time prevented any entity from donating their time to a candidate.The agency was introduced to a small 2-man PAC called JCER who agreed to pay for the campaign. The prominent spokeswomen for The Great Schlep (TGS) was Sarah Silverman, the main star in a video inviting the public to act.

The video that was picked up by every major stateside news outlet, while a landing page provided voters with talking points and links to the TGS Facebook page and store. Favorable press coverage and massive consumer passalong helped TGS garner 340 million ‘free’ cross media impressions.

The New York Times wrote: “Obama drew a larger percentage of Jews nationally…and — Mazel tov, Sarah Silverman — won Florida.”


TGS Silverman