The Alert Shirt

The Alert Shirt

Feel, what others feel. The Alert Shirt is a piece of wearable technology that converts live game data into powerful sensations experienced instantly by the wearer during a match. Richmond’s Trent Cotchin, Hawthorn’s Luke Hodge and Collingwood’s Scott Pendlebury worked with technicians to create a unique guernsey that physically connects viewers to their sports team during a game.

The sensations felt in the shirt are:

Pressure: a thumping heart whenever the game is on the line
Impact: the shock of a big hit when players collide
Despair: the sinking feeling of every costly mistake
Exhaustion: lungs burning every time your team puts in a hard effort
Adrenalin: a rush of blood when your team is on the up

This multi sensory shirt shows the way of future storytelling and allows the customer to immerse in the sensation of the game. You want to feel the heart beat of Andreas Goldberger when he races down the ski jump? Or Sebastian Vettel when he climbs into his Red Bull F1 vehicle?

Watching an event will probably never be the same again.