Textizen: A crowdsourcing urban planning initiative based on SMS

Textizen: A crowdsourcing urban planning initiative based on SMS

Idea: Reach anyone with an opinion within a community, by text. Textizen is designed to help you get useful feedback from the people you serve.

Here’s why:

  • Accessible to anyone with a phone. Over 90% of Americans have text. Open participation to people across demographics, no matter where they live.
  • The SMS engine collects open and structured data, to inform any decision-making need.
  • Sustained engagement
  • Send project updates, event reminders, or follow-up surveys to build a more informed, more connected constituency — one text at a time.
  1. Create: Launch a campaign in minutes. It’s easy with our elegant web interface. Customize to collect the data you need with multiple question types, built-in logic, custom area codes, and more.
  2. Activate: Meet people wherever they are. Transit ads, local news, postcards, live events — whatever’s right for your community. Our SMS engine manages conversations, so you don’t have to. It’s fast and effective, with completion rates up to 90%.
  3. Learn: Visualize your data for quick insights and easy use. Say goodbye to paper forms and data entry. Our online dashboard visualizes results as they arrive. Need more? Easily export to CSV or use our developer API.
  4. Sustain Engagement: Civic engagement doesn’t have to stop after one Survey. After the survey, send confirmation texts to drive traffic and interest to a website or live meeting. Later, send follow-up texts with project updates, additional surveys, and event reminders.

Textizen is for…

Visioning & Idea Generation: Build a shared vision for the future, with inspiring input from everyone.

Needs Assessment: Find out how needs vary from place to place, to better target your resources.

Feedback & Benchmarking: Collect honest, representative feedback. Improve processes, or support your next grant application.

Service Signups: Get people signed up on the spot. Close the gap between awareness and participation.