Storytelling in Shop Windows

Storytelling in Shop Windows

Five fantasy-like shop window designs addressed Hermès 2012 theme “the gift of time”. As time is precious and fleeting, these playful windows at Bijenkorf Amsterdam suggested different whimsical ways for juggling and looking at time. Inspired by the philosophy and history of Hermès, each display expressed the joy and wonder of a child’s imagination. Storytelling played an important role to lead visitors from window to window and keep their attention focussed on the department store.

From a knife pitcher throwing clock hands at a huge clock to an acrobat girl hanging from the back of a jumping horse, the carnivalesque aesthetic exuded a carpe diem attitude with a refreshing spirit that attracts all who passed by.

Client: Hermès, Amsterdam, 2012 by Kiki van Eijk



Hermès hired another ‘Storyteller’ to promote its products, this time at the KaDeWe department store in Berlin. This time with a striking sequence of dream narratives. The high-contrast displays incorporate stylized horses, flamingos, drums and less identifiable figures and objects.

Client: Hermès, Berlin, Germany, 2012 by Sarah Illenberger




Source: Brand Spaces / gestalten

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