Salone del Mobile in the centre of aesthetics and design

Salone del Mobile in the centre of aesthetics and design

Paris Tokyo Berlin – Megacities, old towns and new districts. Urban Spaces. Houses. Swimming Pools. Where do today’s great architects live? Those who change the look of our cities, draw new horizons, transform contemporary landscapes?

An exhibition at “The Salon de Mobile” features 8 installations, inspired by the homes of 8 key figures by contemporary architects. Spaces, Furnishings, Passions and Obsessions. A chance to get to see them close up. Looking at the work of great architects helps us explore the culture of modern living and design.

From the 8th to the 13th of April, Milan turns into the center of furniture and light design. The british architect David Chipperfield says: “Houses are private places but at the same time, as we are communal animals, the house is not only about going and sleeping and having a fridge. All of us see our house as a frontier between private comfort and the first step of where we meet people.” And Daniel Liebeskind adds: “Whereever people live, this is the centre of their world.” Therefore, architecture and design and wellbeing matters.

Go there if you care about aesthetics, interior design and the beauty of life.

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