Power Smart Month Cube

Power Smart Month Cube

Initiator: BC Hydro (Agentur: smak)

Land (City): Kanada (British Columbia)

Ziel: Bewusstsein für Energiesparen schaffen

Story: An installation was set up featuring power behaviors in a high-traffic locations. The mechanism was simple, press the power button to the power saving position (off) and make a difference. Each time the power button is pushed a running tally of Power Smart actions is displayed on the Cube. When a pedestrian stops to perform their energy saving behaviour, $1 will be donated to a local green initiative. Energy saved means money for you and your community. On-site Outreach members will encourage the target market to sign up for the Power Plan where they can benefit from their personal home actions.

Ergebnis: 4000 Interaktionen in 8 Tagen http://www.smak.ca/bchydro