EU funded project ‘My Neighbourhood / My City’

EU funded project ‘My Neighbourhood / My City’

The My Neighbourhood solution combines new digital technologies and techniques, such as social gaming principles (gamification), with the Living Lab methodology to help strengthen existing ties and resolve communal issues in the real, day-to-day world of the neighbourhood. The solution will be rooted in an open My Neighbourhood site that 1) combines the data and functionality of existing City Information Apps (i.e. MyCityWay, Foursquare) with new tools that connect people locally both on- and offline and 2) uses gamification to encourage people to get involved with their own neighbourhoods and engage their family and friends to do the same.

Building upon the six recognized levels of social innovation, the My Neighbourhood Living Lab approach utilizes new technologies and ontologies to develop local innovation environments that help to 1) rebuild neighbourhoods, 2) empower neighbourhoods and 3) scale neighbourhood value in a manner that reconnects people, recreate communities and, ultimately, make cities smarter.

The ultimate aim of My Neighbourhood pilots is to kick-start a viral effect wherein neighbours and friends (within cities and across Europe) use the My Neighbourhood site to reconnect with one another, share new ideas, create new ways of interacting and help make their lives better.

These countries are involved: Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Norway, Portugal, United Kingdom.

MyNeighbourhood Project Video from Alfamicro on Vimeo.


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