Datagrove by Future Cities Lab

Datagrove by Future Cities Lab

Datagrove Art&Tech Installation. Datagrove thrives on information from its urban environment. It renders invisible data and atmospheric phenomena into variable intensities of light and sound. It provides shelter and a place of calm to contemplate data streams from sources near and far. The grove’s luminescent fibers gently sway with the breeze and respond to the proximity of visitors with quiet whispering sonic undulations.

Datagrove is a mysterious and meditative space woven into the rich fabric of San Jose’s South First Street [SOFA] district and nested in the courtyard of the historic California Theater. As one drifts deeper, the grove gradually reveals flowing patterns in cadence with data transmissions both random and meaningful. Datagrove was produced using advanced digital fabrication techniques and integrates a range of custom electronics including sensors, text to speech modules, LEDS and LCDS. The installation is capable of sensing and responding to people in its immediate proximity. It aggregates local trending Twitter feeds from San Jose and whispers them back through speakers and LCD displays woven into the Datagrove. It functions as a social media “whispering wall” that harnesses data that is normally nested and hidden in smart phones, and amplifies this discourse into the public realm.


All Design, Fabrication and Engineering were completed by Future Cities Lab. Photos: Peter Prato

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