Colour Zones and Culture Park

Colour Zones and Culture Park

Celebrating cultural differences

An inventive park in Copenhagen’s Norrebro district, “Superkilen,” designed by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), Superflex, and Topotek 1 serves as a cultural collage of artifacts sourced from 60+ nationalities. Superkilen visually slices its way through the center of the city, soaking up and flaunting its inhabitants’ diverse cultural backgrounds along the way.

The kilometer-long wedge of urban space is divided into three distinct colour-coded zones, partly functioning as sports bike paths linking directly to Copenhagen’s cycling highways. The park’s “urban furniture” integrates a range of symbolic and functional items from all over the world. Armenian picnic tables join Iraqi swings, Brazilian benches, Chinese Palms, Islamic tiled Moroccan fountains, and an Indian climbing playground, among others.

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