Changify: A mobile platform to crowdsource /-solve & -fund urban issues

Changify: A mobile platform to crowdsource /-solve & -fund urban issues

Changify is a new service for the public to initiate and build support for local and community change projects directly from their mobile phones, and seek backing from brands, councils, local businesses and other supporters.

How can you contribute?

Tackle problems with your solutions – spot and share photos of local issues on Twitter using the hashtag #Changify and tweet ideas to solve them. You can also email your proposed solution ideas to us, and then if your idea is approved, make a video pitching the project to the public and potential backers (maximum length: 2 minutes) for submission to the website. Once the solution outline and video is posted on our website, it’s time to start building support from friends and neighbors to get the ball rolling, and begin to make the changes happen!

Another way of submitting ideas is by Changify events, or by just emailing solution ideas outlined to Changify.

How can I find out more about Changify?

Changify is made by Design for Social Change (D4SC).

email Contact: events(AT)design4socialchange(DOT)com


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