Apps for Amsterdam

Apps for Amsterdam

Apps for Amsterdam is an initiative to make accessible as much data of the City of Amsterdam as possible. Developers were invited to send in their applications that use at least one available source of information of the (local) government. In a further stage, app developers are helped to prepare their apps for the market.

Governments as well as companies collect an enormous amount of information about our society, from criminal records to garbage collection routes, and from the quality of schools to traffic statistics. When this kind of information is available to developers to develop their applications upon, it is called Open Data. Open Data has a value and can stimulate economic growth; more importantly, society can make progress by using the available information. One condition for social innovation is that Open Data is accessible for all, is interpreted, combined and visualized in the right way. That is in everyone’s interest.

To stimulate the use of Open Data and to demonstrate the possibilities of applications based on Open Data, Apps for Amsterdam was born. The contest was in first instance modeled after the Apps for Democracy contest in Washington (US). Participants could win prizes to further develop their applications and make them suitable for a large audience.

Two contests were held in 2011 and 2012. In the next phase in 2013, app makers were helped to turn their applications into a sustainable business.

Apps for Amsterdam is a project of the Amsterdam Economic Board, Waag Society and the City of Amsterdam (Economic Affairs).

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