A way to self-sufficiency

A way to self-sufficiency

Can New York City become self-sufficient within its political boundaries?

Intended to be an alternative masterplan for the city’s future, this study investigates the possibility for urban self-reliance in such areas as food, energy, waste, water, air supply and quality, manufacture, employment, culture, health, and transport. The predicate of the study lies both in questions of the limits of sustainability and in a response to the failures of democratic autonomy in an increasingly globalized economy. The study aims to produce not simply a dramatic new plan for the future of New York but to compile an inventory of best practices that are relevant to cities around the world.

In short, how can we get the ecological footprint of the city to be equivalent to that of its political boundary?

Amsterdam Ave

Amsterdam Ave. New York City (Steady) State calls for the complete transformation of 50% of all surface streets in the city. The new spaces created should perform a variety of ecological and agricultural functions.

FG Existing

Exitsing Figure-Ground

FG Proposed

Proposed Figure-Ground

Figure-Ground Switch. For New York City to successfully transition into self-sufficiency, a number of enabling morphological transformations must occur. One of which is the “figure-ground switch”, in which nineteenth century blocks see their built mass migrate into the space of the street, freeing the block interior for the inscription of agriculture and other public uses.

linear tower-bird's eye

Linear Tower. Food production towers will be erected on top of existing highway and elevated rail infrastructure.

Production Tower Section

Food Production Hub. The food production hubs are to be located above the existing subway system to create an efficient distribution system throughout the city.

Queens Birds eye view

Birds-Eye View of Queens. In eastern Queens, all aspects of the Master Plan can be observed: Industrial Production, Food Hubs Linear Towers, Traditional Agriculture & the Figure-Ground Switch.

For more see: http://terreform.info/