Lois Lammerhuber has been voted world-best photographer three times and won awards for almost all of his books. His perception of photography has strongly been marked by the close cooperation with GEO magazine. He is a member of the “New York Art Directors Club”.

“From Austria to the world” is the campaign motto of Austrian Airlines, the sponsor of a 15x9m indoor installation that consists of 165 screens. The photos, taken on the 61st floor of the Rockefeller Center in New York City present a fascinating view of the Manhattan skyline and 20 km beyond. The two largest photos consist of 240 separate photos. 3 smaller photos were created from 66 separate photos. They were shot by the award-winning Austrian photographer Lois Lammerhuber with a 250 megapixel Canon EOS (not 10 megapixel as used by most photographers). The software was developed by Ars Electronica. Art+Technology+Branding = this interdisciplinary project represents a truly unusual, innovative and attractive piece of communication.